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Kingsclear Consolidated Elementary
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
This book is about a middle school student named Greg Heffley. At Greg's school there is a piece of moldy cheese on the outdoor basketball court that has been there for years. Rumors spread that if someone were to touch the cheese then they would have the cheese touch. When someone has the cheese touch no one wants to go near that person.
Our class love this book because it reads just like a diary. The writing is descriptive and you never want to stop reading!
Denton Avenue Elementary School
Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper
This book is about a girl named Melody with a disorder called cerebral palsy. She can't walk, talk or write. She's very smart but her words are stuck inside her. Soon she gets a computer perfect for her. The computer allows her to communicate. Now everyone can see how smart she is.
We love this book because she fights through but not every time is successful. But she never gives up. Even though she has a disorder she got into the Wiz kids quiz team and helped her teammates win the first round.
Vallhamra Skola
Percy Jackson
This book is about a teenage boy that is son to Poseidon.
He need to stop a war between the gods of Olympus.

The reason why we love it:
We love this book because it´s very exciting to read about Percy and his friends.
Siang-He Taiwan

年獸的故事(The Story of Nian)

See the movie
This book is a Chinese folk tale. There was a monster, called Nian, who ate people in a village on the last day of every year. The residents had no idea how to deal with this problem. One day, there was an old man who told the people how to get away the Nian Monster. So they prepared many things with red to scare the Nian Monster. Set off many firecrackers to scare the monster away.
This is a great story that teaches us about the big holiday, Chinese New Year. We love this book for the story had been told for a long time.
Siang-He Taiwan
聰明的烏鴉(Thew crow and the pitcher)
See the movie
This book is a fable. In the story, there was a crow who felt thirsty in a day of summer. Though the crow who found a pitcher, it cannot get to drink it. That is because the water in the pitcher was too low. The smart crow found a way to deal with this problem. It threw lots of stones into the pitcher, the water was getting higher. So it drank the water.
We love this story that is becuase the contents are interesting. And the way to solve the problem was quite clever.
Siang-He Taiwan
三隻小豬(Three little pigs)
See the moive
This book is about three little pigs who built their houses to avoid the big bad wolf. However, the two elders' houses were destroied by the wolf. They ran to their little brother's house to get away from the wolf.
The reason that we loved this book was the big bad wolf fell on every try.
Siang-He Taiwan
狐狸與葡萄(The fox and the grapes)
See the movie
This book is about a fox who wanted to eat some grapes on the tree. However, it could not get a chance to eat the grapes, even it tried several ways. At the end, the fox told to everyone that the grapes were sour.
We learne some knowledge from the book. Reading the book was fun.
Siang-He Taiwan
These are a series of science comic books. From each book, kids learned different kinds of science knowledge. And the conversation between serval charactors are really intresting.
We loved comic books. From those books, we did learn some knowledge. And it is really fun to read the series of books.
Pine Lane Elementary
Skippy John Jones Series
Hilarious books about a Siamese Cat who thinks he is a Chihuahua. He has lots of imaginative adventures Quite a few in the series.
The kindies think that Skippy John Jones is the funniest thing ever! The text is interesting, with all kinds of silly, made up words. It's a great read-aloud!
Mill Creek Elementary
Hunger Games
It is about a bunch of kids who get chosen to compete in the hunger games. They have to fight to the death to win the hunger games.
We love this book because it is a good reading level it has lots of action and it is very interesting. It makes you always want to read more of it.
Bliss Carman (6I)
Percy Jackson
A teenage boy discovers he is the son of Poseidon and learns he must save Olympus from destruction. It's his destiny!
The series is good because you never know what is going to happen next.There are always new challenges for Percy to overcome and it is an interesting way to learn a little about Greek mythology.
Bliss Carman (6H)
Eleven-year-old Raina just wants to be a normal sixth grader. But one night after a trip-and-fall mishap, she injures her two front teeth. Follow her long and frustrating journey with on-again, off-again braces, corrective surgery, embarrassing headgear, and even a retainer with fake teeth attached.
It's a true story that helps to make your own struggles in life and school seem normal.

Uyen, Chatham
This book is about an exclamation mark
that thinks he should change because his other
punctuation friends(the periods) don't have a line on top of them.
He even thought of running away but then he met another form of punctuation that changed his mind. So..find out what happens by reading Exclamation Mark by Amy Krouse Rosenthal & Tom Lichtenheld.
We like this book because it teaches people to just be themselves and it's really funny :D

Oakridge School
Arlington, VA
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series
Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a realistic fiction
novel by Jeff Kinney.The book is about
a boy named Greg Heffley and his
struggles in middle school.
It is the first
book in a series.
Ananya and Michael R. rave that "it is funny."

How Full Is Your Bucket
It is a book that teach's you that when you bully you can empty someone's bucket.
to empty someone's bucket it means to be mean and don't respect the other person.
We love this book because it teach's us not to be mean. if there is someone picking on someone else they can say you are picking from my bucket so it is a really nice book to read.
Western Avenue School Geneva, IL USA
Out of My Mind
This is a book about a girl named Melody, who encounters many problems while trying to blend in and be normal.It is really hard for to blend in because she has cerebral palsy( a physical problem).Things are starting to look up for Melody but things take an interesting turn.
We chose the book Out of my Mind, because it gives us information on cerebral palsy and how it affects the person who has it. This book was also very interesting to the class, because it had many different turns of events.. It was very descriptive on how Melody(the main character) was feeling. It taught us to think about other people's feelings and not to bully people We give this book a 4 out of 4 star rating.
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Ethan wrote about The Hunger Games, a favorite book for the Denton Dynamos.

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Jan 24, 2014

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