What fun activities is your class doing to learn about and collect data? What would you like to tell us about yourselves that we will not learn about in the data? Add pictures, videos, audio files, etc.
Week 1

Merry Christmas from a very hot Cambodia!

We are the PCDO School, about 3 miles outside the capital city Phnom Penh. This is our first post and it's so exciting for us to be part of this wonderful initiative. PCDO means Phumyoeung Community Development Organisation and we try very hard to be an important part of the lives of local people, both in the short term and through a more sustainable longer term plan . We have 140 enrolled students in five classes, ages 3 - 16.

This week (2 - 6 December) we monitored the daily temperature: each day it was 22c at 8.30 am, 31c at 1.30 pm and back to 26c at the end of the school day at 4.30pm. As we are near the equator, there are just two seasons - wet and dry. This is now the dry season with blue skies and lots of sunshine. The sun always gets up at 5.30 am and goes to bed at 5.30 pm so everyone plans their day around daylight hours.

Led by the Director of the school , we have also carried out a broad population census of the local village. There are about 7,000 people living around our school. The make-up of each home varies of course; extended families are an essential support mechanism to parents.

Students also completed a survey of the village market:

12/6: Friends School of Baltimore

Today we used the iPads to look up data using a reliable source. We decided that census.gov would give us the most reliable information. We talked about why using "Siri" on our iPhones didn't lead us to the most reliable source always. We also discussed the differences in using data for the Baltimore Metro area and Baltimore gave us different numbers. We are becoming more information literate day by day! Thanks! We also played Kakooma Fractions on the Greg Tang math site!

Liv, Peyton and Ethan.jpgmath greg tang.jpg

Today, during our Literacy period, our class explored our regions current population levels. Each Literacy group was assigned the task of finding out the population of an area or school. Working with their Literacy group members they searched on Google to find the population levels for Canada, New Brunswick and Fredericton. One group was assigned the task of finding out the population of the school so they split up in groups of two and asked the other [[#|classes]] in our school what their class populations are. Once the two groups met [[#|back]] in the classroom they added up their data and came to a result. The other groups who used Google to help find their population levels were required to have two sources of information. This was to make sure our information was accurate.
-Grade 3, Kingsclear Consolidated School, Fredericton, NB



Today, December 5, 2013, on Long Island, it is very foggy. The temperature is around 45 degrees F/7 degrees C. The humidity level is very high. Because we are an island and stick out into the Atlantic Ocean, we have foggy days. This day it was surprising because the fog didn't burn off once the sun came up. Here are some pictures of The Denton Dynamos fifth graders on the playground . It is 9:00AM.


Sycamore Elementary, Fort Worth, TX

12/5/2013 - A very cold day after about a week of very mild, pleasant weather. We had temperatures in the 70's and 80's until today when an Arctic front blew in! Looks like we will have a snow day on 12/6/2013! In Texas we get very little snow but our ice storms can be very dangerous!

At Monsignor Uyen Catholic school in Ontario Canada we spent some time analysing and comparing the data from the different schools. It was a lot of fun and we learned so much about how we are similar to some of the places as well as quite different than others.

Collecting Data:



Today in Thompson, Manitoba it is freezing. It is too cold outside to go and the temperature so we used www.theweathernetwork.com to see what the temperature was. We will post some pictures later. We use instagram in our classroom to share our class photos. You can find us under 3BBees.

Oakridge Elementary School, Arlington, Virginia, USA
December 6, 2013
Today 3 second grade representatives collected temperature and population data. We were amazed to discover that it is 80F in Taiwan, 52F here in Virginia, and -14F in Canada! We decided Canada must be very close to the North Pole. There are so many people here in the state of Virginia and our country, The United of America, that we had to practice how to read those huge population numbers. We shared our new daily temperature line plot graph and weather bar graph with our MOSAIC teacher. In class we also did an experiment that showed the effects of sun on the temperature of water and soil. The sun did not shine here this week, so the experiment flopped! We will try again next week! We hope you enjoy our [[#|photo gallery]].
We use the internet as a resource!

We have to practice reading some of the BIG numbers.

We check the temperature of water and soil.

This is the procedure for our experiment.

12/6 Pine Lane Elementary School (Parker, Colorado)

We started our week with a balmy 62 degrees F, but an Arctic blast came in and cooled us WAY down to the single digits and even negative temperatures. Brrr! We had icy roads and it was too cold to go outside for recess. That's Colorado for you--if you don't like the weather, wait a bit and it will change. The ski towns got a lot of fresh show.
Our kindergarten classes are the ones participating in this wiki project. We have been studying what weather is, what kinds of weather is most common where we live, why it is important to be able to predict weather, and how to plan for severe weather. We have been enjoying Sid the Science kid's weather episodes on Discovery Education!

12/2 Siang He Elementary School (Chiayi, Taiwan)

Wow! I am so excited to see lots of Classroom activities here. Then I feel embarrassed for I haven't posted what we have done yet, though we did take some pictures.
Students were so excited to do this project. At noon, we went out to the field of school and tried to get the temperature on December 2. The weather was pretty good. Then students found if we put the thermograph under the sunlight, it would keep going up. That was the reason we got the 29C.
After checking the temperature, we went to the computer lab to do some researches about the population. Kids have fun and work together to do this wonderful project.




Monsignor Uyen Catholic School, Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada
Jan. 8, 2014

Hello to all our global friends! We have returned to school from our Christmas break with some chillingly "cold hard" facts from Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada . Our local meteorologists have reported that we have set new records for low temperatures in January for our area. Yesterday, January 7th our schools were closed due to the extreme low temperature of -25*C(-38*C with wind chill) which breaks a previous record of -21*C back in 1884. In fact, it was even colder here than in the South Pole that day! We have now experienced the coldest Jan 7 on record for Chatham-Kent. Wow ! We are making history!


HELLO FROM Mrs. Ray's 5th grade class at RICHMOND INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL in St. Charles, Illinois!
Posted on 1/31/2014
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This is a picture of our class and another class enjoying a Snow Party in early January 2014

Information below gathered and written by Taylor, Makenna, Emma, Lily

Population of Class: 23
Population of School: 511
Population of District:
Population of town: 33,327(2012) st. Charles
Population of City: 2.715 million(2013) Chicago
Population of State: 12,875,255 Illinois
Population of the Country: 315,091,138 USA

A few things about 5JR: Class Dojo is an online program 5JR participates in. Our teacher, Mrs. Ray, is allowed to give or take away points from students. Your goal is to always get positive points. Every other Friday, we do Dojo Shopping. Dojo Shopping is where you can spend your points on little goodies such as lollipops and jolly ranchers. We also earn large group parties. So far this year we have had a Bring Our Own Tech To School day and a movie party with ice cream and hot cocoa. Class Dojo helps our class stay on task.

The rainbow loom is a very popular craft here in Illinois and across America . You use mini colored rubber bands on the rainbow loom to make a verity of bracelets.

Here is a link to a picture of a Rainbow bracelet:

At our school, every student has an opportunity to learn Spanish or French. If a child has struggled in Reading, they will go to our "Reading Castle" instead. In Spanish or French we learn the basics like:
- meeting each other
Our City
In St. Charles there is a program called Too Good For Drugs. This program can help youth prepare for the the things that come their way. It teaches 5th graders about the dangers of alcohol and drugs. A police officer worked with our class during the first semester of school for 12 weeks. We had a graduation ceremony too.
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