We had such fun during week 1. What will you be doing during week 2? What would you like to tell us about yourselves that we will not learn about in the data?
Add pictures, [[#|videos]], audio files, etc.

Week 2
Making Sense of the World!
By: Diya--Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Merry christmas from a school where we swim in December! We are one fifth grade class of twenty students in ISKL, the International School of Kuala Lumpur, in Malaysia. We are participating in ‘Making Sense of the World’ because we feel that it is an exciting opportunity for us to learn about many places and cultures all around the world. Especially since we are one of the only [[#|schools]] in south-east asia participating in this event, we are eager to see the different things you post. This will be a wonderful learning experience for us and we hope it will be for you too!

14/12 Kingsclear Consolidated [[#|School]], Fredericton, NB, CAN

This week we worked together in groups to research what the rainfall amounts in Fredericton were this past year. Each group was assigned a net book to research how much rain has fallen. Once the information was found they recorded it on a table they created. Every group was surprised to see how different some months are, no one expected October to be our rainiest month of the year! We love looking at all of the pictures you guys are posting and we hope you enjoy ours as well!


12/12 Siang He Elementary School (Chiayi, Taiwan)

At noon, we went out to the field of school and tried to get the temperature on December 12. The weather was pretty good but a little cooler than last week. Again students tried to put the thermograph under the sunlight, but the temperature wasn't change much. That was the reason we got the 24C. After checking the temperature, we went to the computer lab to do some researches about the precipitation. Before doing the research, I showed the Classroom activities - Week 1 to them. Kids were so excited to see the others' photos . Though reading English is hard for Taiwanese primary school, they still have fun at that. Thanks for letting me in this wonderful project!

The chart for preciptation

Dec. 12, 2013 Chatham-Kent, Ontario (Monsignor Uyen School)

After making graphs about the snow and rain in our city we compared our data to Siang He in Taiwan.
Here's what we noticed about our data:

The most snow we get for Chatham-Kent is in January because we get 31cm which is more than any other month. We noticed that in Taiwan they do not get snow and we believe that the reason is because they are closer to the equator than we are.

We were surprised to see how much more rain happens in Taiwan in the month of August compared to Chatham-Kent. Our pictures here show how we used our metre stick to compare.
DSC04225.JPGOakridge Elementary School, Arlington, Virginia, USA

Hello Fellow Data Collectors! This week 3 students from Ms. Dickerson's 2nd grade class collected data during a working lunch. "Just like my dad does!" one boy exclaimed. Once again we were amazed to see that while the temperature was a cold 28F here it was in the sunny 70Fs in Taiwan and a frigid -6F in Colorado. We hypothesize this may have something to do with how close different locations are to the equator. The closer to the equator, the higher the temperature. We also reflected on why collecting and comparing data from around the world is important. The majority answer: So when we travel we can bring the appropriate clothing for the weather! To share the process with the school, we created a video that will air on our Friday afternoon WOAK News Show. We also posted our Wiki link on our PTA EBlast electronic newsletter so families can access the data.

Hello everyone! This is Mrs. Román's class in Geneva, Illinois USA.
The winters are very cold, and this year is especially cold so far! We have already had indoor recess 2 times since it snowed 5 days ago.
photo 2.JPG
Every year our gym teacher takes us outside to go cross country skiing.
This is us on the terrible rainy and cold day. It is the first this winter. We went outside to find out the temperature. As you can see it is 39oF. The snow is starting to melt away. We do not want another green Christmas. Rain rain go away go come back another day, we want snow!