(posted on January 31, 2014)
We are in St. Charles, Illinois. Our weather is bitter cold outside. For the last two weeks we have been missing school days because it's so bitter cold outside. This weather has been lasting since before December. We have all four seasons, in fall it is very cold outside, but not as cold as our winters. Our summers get very warm up to 90 degrees. Our springs stay mild, but we have a lot of rainfall in the middle of spring through summer.
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Here in geneva it is extremely cold! The high on Monday was -13oF! We had two cold days. Some people have been calling Chicago Chiberia since it is so snowy and cold. We didnt go to [[#|school]] for two days cause it was to cold.chicago freezed.jpg

Here in New York, the weather has been crazy in the last 2 weeks. It snowed 8 inches on Friday last week. The snow lasted for 3 days. On Monday it was 50 [[#|degrees]]. It started pouring but after a minute it was raining light. On Tuesday it was 10 degrees. We broke a lot of records that day. On Wednesday it was 9 degrees. It was freezing those 2 days. On Thursday it was 34 degrees and on Friday it is 43 degrees .

Today when we went outside it felt like it was 0oF/-32oC. But it was only 25oF/-7oC. The wind chill must of been really high. Although the snow is starting to melt it is not getting any warmer than it used to be. It has only gone above 32oF/0oC once in the last 2 months!