This week has the students in class 5c on Vallhamraskolan (Sweden) worked with this project on our English lessons!

Thank you very much Lisa Parisi for this project!

Facts about Sävedalen and Partille by Nathalie and Sofia


Presentation about Vallhamra school indoors by Tilde and Elin 5c

Presentation about the schoolyard in Vallhamra by Marlene, Isabelle och Tindra 5c

Famous things in Sweden by Emma, Linnea and Moa
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Facts about Gothenburg

Gothenburg is the second biggest city in Sweden. Gothenburg is on the west coast of Sweden.
In Gothenburg we speak GÖTEBORSKA. It’s a dialect.
Din tjomme!

Things to do in Gothenburg:

If you visit Gothenburg we would like to recommend you about a couple of things to do.
The first thing is Liseberg that’s a very big amusement park. They have got the highest free fall attraction in Europe named Atmos Fear.

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The second thing is to go and eat some real food. We don’t want to eat McShi. So we would like to recommend a restaurant called Thörnströms Kök. You can go there and enjoy a great cooking experience! You can cook with the famous chef from Sweden Håkan Thörnström.

The third thing we would like to recommend you about is Aeroseum you can do a lot of things here. You can crawl in a big aeroplanes motor!
Funny experience.

The fourth thing we would like to recommend you about is Oves Gatukök they have the best junkfood in Gothenburg. You can enjoy a big sausage with mashed potatoes and shrimp salad. In Gothenburg we call it halv special (half special).

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The fifth thing is called paddan båten (the toad boat). Enjoy Gothenburg from the old moat.

The sixth thing is Feskekörka (the fish church). It’s a quite small but great fish market.
If you don’t want to cook your own fish you can eat at a restaurant called Gabriels. Their
shrimp toast is fantastic.

If you would like to shop something like clothes, Nordstan is the right thing for you.
When you have shopped you can choose from different kind of restaurants.

Live somewhere is a MUST as you know. And there are a lot of hotels in Gothenburg.
Clarion Hotel Post is a quite new and modern hotel.

If you would like a calm experience with your family, slottskogen is something for you. It`s like a zoo, but not exactly the same.
There a lot of animals, here`s some example:
Mooses, rabbits, harbor seals, peunguins and a kid farm.
Later, if you walk trough the whole slottskogen you end up at a lake.
Now, to the last thing is to take a walk through Gothenburg on a sunny day.

I hope the fact will be helpfull in the future

Created by:
Anton A
Samuel V
Fabian L

Our brains!

Vallhamra square Is a good place at the day but when the afternoon came Is scary.
About eight to nine they are coming, kids like 16 to 20 years.
They have mountain bikes and they just smoke, smoke and scares people.
how can that be fun, get around and scares people I don’t understand.
One time was it just idiots there but now we have build house everywhere and a new market ICA for food.
Vallhamra square was builded for 1986, from the first time was It a postal museum and after that the new square and now 200 apartments.
They have destroyed many shop and now should they build more apartments.

In my school vallhamra school Is’t fight every time it’s snowing, that’s not fun.
And at the school have they build behind the square.
They like are 13 years and more can go to the square at the break.
Now we are class 4-9 (10-15 years) school but we should be a 0-9 (6-15 years) school again.

Created by:
Adam Brankovic

My brain: