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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Grade 5 students make an imovie to showcase traditional Malaysian foods.

Vallhamra skola: 2014-01-21
In our school we get free food everyday. We don`t need to bring or pay. In Sweden, we eat alot of meatballs and seafood because we live close to the sea.

Denton Dynamos - Long Island, New York

Foods in America

More PowerPoint presentations from Lisa Parisi

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Here at KCS in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada we made a list of our favourite meals. Then we narrowed our list down to 5 choices and graphed our favourite foods. One of the biggest details that we noticed about our food choices was that a lot of the foods we came up with orginally came from another culture and country. Why is that? Well grade 3 decided that the reason for this was because a big part of Canada's culture is that we are a multicultural country! With the exception of the First Nations people in Canada, many other Canadian families orginally came from another country. Because of this we have a wide variety of cultures in Canada we celebrate many different traditions and foods. We think that is what makes us special!

Favorite foods

These are our favorite foods. We like Steak The most, then we like pizza.

Monsignor Uyen
Here in Ontario, Canada we also like a variety of foods. As KCS school in New Brunswick mentioned Canada is a multicultural country. Many of the students in our class have family that originally came from European countries like the Netherlands, Portugal, England and Scotland, so our families enjoy the kinds of foods that are traditional to our heritage.

Here is a list of some of our favourites:

One traditional food in Tawain -Koah Pau, Taiwanese Hamburger

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