Kingsclear Consolidated [[#|School]] from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
This is our favourite [[#|game]]!

Denton Dynamos - Long Island, NY

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Games We Play
by Ean,Jake,Ivan,Alex
In St.Charles, Illinois, we found out that people love games .
People like us love to play games like soccer, football and even video games,
like Minecraft. People also love board games like Spot it, Monopoly and Guess Who!
Also, people like to [[#|play]] outside games like Tag,Tennis and Horseback riding! The favorite games in our class are Soccer, Football and Minecraft. Here is our vote!

Our top 3 votes:
1st soccer with 8 votes
2nd [[#|football]] with 7 votes
3rd Minecraft with 5 votes

Other games and the votes they got:
Spot it 2
Volleyball 1
Karate 1
Sorry 3
Minecraft 5
Horse back riding 2
Life 2
Football 7
Gym 3
Ice skating 1
Angry birds 2
Soccer 8
Tag 1
Jump rope 2
Little big planet 1
Call of duty 2
Tennis 1
[[#|Basketball]] 2
Swim 2
Wrestling 1
Acting 1
Guess who 1

Link to picture of our poster:

Games we play

Our boys favourite game at break is Heaven and Hell.
It’s like soccer but only at one goal. It’s all against all or 2 vs 2.
You need a fotball, a goalie and a goal.
If you score a goal you are further. When it’s one person left he/she is out of the game.
You can be any numbers, that’s the point of the game.
Yesterday we played in the snow. We had the rule toughsoccer.
Then you can slide tackle your opponents leg so he/she falls.
You can tackle your opponent so he/she falls in the snow.
My friend falled in the snow many times and finally he was completely snowy. And he had only one sweater! He is so stupid!!!

external image K-HUO5GbAhsKaezn_VU0Tbf3MzX4rpvATjA35GMSgXMxNDA0tcucnvedjzndnDadSB5JmrPdX50-q1UYJVylQumlOy7yYY-SaDJYia1dLE07pNPmjgytw5PWSAexternal image OQcox4t4Cdt7n6DuVE_e-cTHVE-vhyXJ2Aqpcbn2eiUeIXkCLEisWFOm98DY649IZBGt-Oq6TZelJmpV4Wd-NE2uR3ZKzdoECSg-DoEpicYFz3HZyCso4MFrhw
The girls favourite game in break is the Turtle.
You need big stones like this:external image k4NUg9FNN5JW-NveTjdCv2j-Ngbxfm777We7NiTHEGe9WEdh4cYYMBcskPNqIGLpMq6MExW9nexq4wN75RbjIfeOxV8MMe4r8qk1Jdzm1V4OIttoiHmq6cvxvQ
And you need as many persons as stones.

The game start with every people without the ``turtle´´ jumps up on a stone.
The turtle will go slowly to the vacant stone but when, someone from the other stone will run to the vacant stone so the turtle can’t go to that stone.
Then, the turtle need to go to the left stone and when he/she has taken the vacant stone she isn’t the turtle any more. The person what was before the the turtle on the stone is now the turtle.

I have not try that game, but the girls say that’s very funny game.

My freinds

/Axel L from Sweden

The three best games in P.E

1. Our warm-up game is Everybody burn everybody

You need three balls and some persons. To hit someone, you throw the ball.If you been hit you must wait until six more persons are hit.Then you can join again.The game never ends but in our P.E we play it 15 min, we play this game often in our P.E and everybody like it but sometimes cheat some.external image AnoZrTsLiyn2ikKD3aaTVja3fWbdY3sZ6jkhc7JPICoTfqJ2USHr0TzBkroc_sLU5WxfosyIy3ANec2i4erMRElxYCdShHefM_atLsLl-i-_smT5XnMzSgMRZA

2. Our main activity is Multiball.

You need two dices, two handballs goals and one handball, one football and you play football with the handball goals, two basket hoops and one basketball

and two floorball goals and six floorball sticks and one small floor-ball.Then you must have two teams so can play together.

external image UP7nIMEpbBeXbWAYrzYfJmJ9zJUvGm8P6vDANubMWIbKXdpymemTGzD72SMmtf9utSdGUUzg1XvnKEPOXSLdfb6SzxKjVo6D2HUQPzOwfrUKXgMhZ8HsqEvsRQexternal image uuhzVIUAME3bsIo1t94WjgFBO8nYfYmYMxDXDkoNkVSQtWDOrkj5fvItIkscz_O1gny9ZQayBQx78Dv4ZqBXybwDdbI0jO5Ion248q6pseeCGAoV4eKX22NyCw

In this picture we play Soccer and in the second picture we play Handball.


The teacher have to dices and first the teacher throw one dice that is for which sport it becomes and if it becomes 1 we must play soccer then the teacher must throw the second dice that is for how many persons are going to play and if it becomes 5 so must go in 5 players and play.

/Nik and William from Sweden

Mill Creek Favorite Games.

Monsignor Uyen School

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