Using Data to Make Sense of the World

Project Description:

By examining data collected in each school, participants will compare places and people around the world and learn to better appreciate different cultures and customs.


Essential Questions Which Will Be Answered:

  1. What contributes to differences around the world?
  2. How does collecting and analyzing data help us understand each other better?

Class participation would include:

1. Collect monthly data in your area on temperature, precipitation, and daylight.
2. Collect general data about the people in your area, such as population, religions, languages spoken, jobs held, etc.
2. Investigate one joint topic per month such as: landforms, animals, plants, food, celebration, transportation by posting 5 photos to represent the topic in your area.
3. Review all posted photos with your class and ask one question of each participating school.
4. Review answers given and explore learning in your classroom.