Week of December 2nd:

Choose one day and take the temperature at noon. Also find the high and low temperature for the day. Add your data to the temperature page on the wiki.

Also, in the same week, find the population for your area. Input this information into the chart on the population page.

Feel free to take pictures, video tape your findings, record your lessons in using thermometers, etc. and add them to the Classroom Activity page. We would love to share in your data collections. Be sure to include your school so we know who you are!

Week of December 9th:

Again, collect the temperature at noon, and the high and low for the day. Add your data to the temperature page.

Also, collect information about the average precipitation for each month of the year. Add your data to the precipitation page.

Be sure to keep adding pictures, etc. to the Classroom Activity page! Use week 2.

Week of January 6th:

1. Add information in the temperature table. If you need to expand the table to add your information, simply click on the table in edit mode and look for the little table icon that comes up. Click on it and hit row. Add row below will be a choice for you.

2. Do some class research. Find out the top five books loved by your class. What are they? Who are the authors? Why do you all love them so much?

3. Go to Books We Love to Read. Add your top favorite to the chart on the page. Then, have some fun. Somehow, show us about your books. Convince us to read them. Maybe write a blog and link it on the page. Maybe make a poster and take a picture of it. Maybe add a glog, which is an online poster made at edu.glogster.com. Make a video, an audio file, pictures, a Voki at Voki.com.

Whatever you choose to do, show us your top five favorite books. Then add your project to the wiki page. If you need help loading it, don't hesitate to ask. And please don't stress out about this project. Make it as elaborate or as simple as you have time for. Have fun!

4. It is time to make connections. I have added three discussion questions on the discussion page. Take some time in the next few weeks to have your students add to the discussion. If your students do not have an account in wikispaces, have them use your account but add their first name to the comment so we know who we are talking with. Let's see if we can get some learning and excitement going.

Week of January 20th:

1. Continue to add to the pages we have already done. I know, for us, the weather is wacky so we have lots to say in Precipitation and Temperature.

2. For the next two weeks, let's concentrate on Foods We Eat and Games We Play. I will not be adding any table to either page. Instead, have your students tally top foods and top games. Add graphs to the pages. Add pictures. Maybe even recipes. I will be taking my video camera into the gym this week to video tape my kids playing some favorite games. I will also be having my kids talk about the food they eat at home, in their ethnic families.

3. Continue to add to the discussions. Feel free to add your own. I will put something in at the end of these two weeks so the kids can talk about games and food.

Remember, our goal is to get kids to learn more about each other so anything you can do to further those discussions would be amazing. Be sure to share your ideas.